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Interview 1000mods Desertfest Berlin 2022

How does it feel to be on tour again? (by KiS & JensM)
It´s great, we were out 2 1/2 years and now it’s overwhelming. We had a tour just 10 days ago, all the gigs the people went crazy and had a great time. This is what we do for living and joy. It was perfect. We are looking for more tours.

Do you had the chance to tour in your home region?
No, after finish the current tour we will join some festivals in Greece and we have a big show at September 10th. So we have no restrictions right now. Last year we played a benefiz show, to support affected people in cause of the big fires we had in Greece together with really big bands. But it was a sitting event – was some kind of weird. We enjoyed it a lot, but it was like we are playing only for the big city.

Which Countrys are you travel on this tour?

Germany is in the top 3 of our biggest fan base rating, we also visit Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, three Austrian Shows, one in Italy, Netherlands and Belgium.
And then it´s already Christmas?

Yes, haha, you know we usually do this 3 times a year – before Covid. Now it feels like before and hopefully we go back to it.

So you really do the music for the living? Don’t have other jobs beside the 1000mods project like guitar lessons?

Yes, for the last 5 years for sure. We have our own label, we want to do everything by ourselfs , we rent backlines , pressing vinyl, but everything is around music.

What did you miss the most while not touring? The merch-money or the tourbus farts?

We managed to survive, not the money. I think the main thing we missed is the human reaction. To manage to play for audience. This was the main reason not doing online-gigs during the pandemic. We had a lot of offers, but I think the main thing for a live gig ist he human interaction. The energy you put on the gig, the energy you get from the audience. Yes, this is what we missed the most. We had rehearsals but this moment you are on stage, you cannot find somewhere else. Weird times. Yeah.

Lucid Dream reminds a lot to 90ies Grunge style.- Whats your influence in that one?

We grew up in the 90ies and listen from the whole Grunge movement with Monster Magnet, Nirvana, Soundgarden to Offspring, also other bands from the 80ies like Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, Fugazi. Yes you can say, it’s a little bit of 80/90ies Punkrock and a litte of the 2000. These are the main influences. This – and of course – Black Sabbath. We do also listen to a lot of music from the 70ies also reggae but we grew up in the 90ies – so this affected us most.

How does it feel to promote your now 2 year old Youth of Dissent ?
Is there already new material on the way ?

We tried to. We got up with some riffs, record now and then. Coming with one song. Now we thinking about making an EP with 5 songs with some covers from a band we love from the 70ies.
But because we had the album, what was released in April 2020, we had a hundred gigs but everything got canceled, but we worked a lot for this album, the production was really heavy. As we realized and understood, that everything will got canceled last year also, we were not in the mood to „lets make an album“ during this time. Like friends said, now you have the time. But we had plenty of ideas.

Were you allowed to do rehersals because of restrictions?

Not at some point. We weren’t allowed cause the room is one hour away. So may be, we broke the law – for music a couple of times and inbetween that we had discussions about restrictions during Incidence 200 – not allowed to go to another city – now we have incidence 5000 and no one cares about it!

Tell me about your main goals in the next 5 years?

Touring, make some records, touring again, spreading some fun all over the world. Hopefully no more pandemic. Hopefully not a war. No more war. We are in special times, no one of us is so optimistic, but we want to continue in a better place. On this tour we will play near the border to the Ukrainan war. So we play for the people who need the music. The Humans who are not want to be involved in wars. Strange times, hopefully this will end soon. (KiS/ JensM)

Thank you for the Interview!


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