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Interview mit Romano Nervoso

Kirsten auf den Spuren von Signore Nervoso

Schriftlicher email-Verkehr, nachgereicht zur Plattenbersprechung die ihr hier nocheinmal nachlesen könnt. Verzeiht meine Denglischen Fragen, ich übe noch! Ciao, Romano, come stai ? Wir Fangen direkt an:You have Italian descent? – tell us all about it!

Yes, all the members of my family are italian and so am I, from Sicily to be more specific. My parents came to work in Belgium in the late 60’s. Basicaly, I grew up with both cultures, at home with the italian rules, music, food & values and in the street I discovered the belgian culture … beer, fries, carnaval, …

How much of you as private person lives inside Mr. Nervoso? Do we still recognize you if you bring the garbage in the dump without make-up 😉 ?

In a few words … I’m 24/7 Romano Nervoso. Of course I don’t wear make up every day cos it takes too much time every morning 😊. I created a character called Romano Nervoso, but I’m a gemini, so a bit schizophrenic … I choose Romano because Roma is the italian capital, I wanted to be neutral about south and north of Italy and it sounds better than Siciliano Nervoso. Nervoso means nervous and where I live (La Louvière, south of Belgium) you have to be nervous and agressive since it’s a tough city. Growing up there your learn to fight, to have a good sense of humour and a big mouth. So I thought that Nervoso was a logical definition for the situation I live every day.

Your fashionable role model / favorite designer?

I’m not really into fashion or designers, to be honest. I’m more a fan of glam, that’s where my „fashion style“ comes from. My wife is English and she helps me a lot for the style and the look of the project cos the English are the top of the rock’n roll scene since rock’n roll was born. If we talk about every day clothes I really like brands like Fred Perry, Levi’s, Cebo, … I’m more into working class heros fashion than any other. But on stage, I love glitter pants, red leather jackets, fancy belt, … a mix of punk rock and glam.

What is your attitude about women and promo photos?

First of all I love women, we can’t live without them. In my songs, I talk a lot about women, sex, love, parties, … that’s what the promo pictures are all about. As an italian, you always have the macho/playboy stereotype and so I play with it. My first album is called „Italian Stallions“ and my first ep „Love your Mommas“ … as you see these are very big italian stereotypes. But no mistake, I love women and I do respect them more than anything, life would be boring without them … ask my wife.

You already produced six former albums? Tell me what differs most on the new one?

Actually, it’s 3 albums and 3 EP’s. I started the band as a joke with 2 ep’s in 2009, „Un-Tuned“ & „Love your Mommas“, these were really the beginning of the project so it’s a mix of punk and pop. Then after the unexpected succes I had to record a full album , „Italian Stallions“, in the continuity of the first 2 ep’s. After this one we started to tour a lot and a label in Spain asked me to record a new ep „Class of 77“ as a collector, this one is half punk compositions and half covers (the Sonics, the Damned & Elton John). The second full album „Born to Boogie“ is the most Spaghetti Rock one cos half of the songs are sung in italian and I put a lot of latin influences, in the lyrics, the instruments and the global vibe of the recording. The last one „I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like rock’n roll“ … I think, it’s the most agressive, cos I was in a „fuck you and shut up“ attitude. The world is going mad and I started to hate people in general more and more, indeed I prefer animals. In a few words, I always try to make different albums/ep’s. It depends on my mood and the every day influences … I record albums that I want to buy and listen to.

Please give us some more information about your collaboration with B.J. Scott! What was in your mind to do so?

When I was a kid I saw her in concert a few times and I always was impressed by the way she sings. She used to play my songs on her radio show and she asked to meet me cos she really liked my band. So we met, we drank and we became friends. When I started the recording of the new album I asked her if she could help me for the vocals and the english pronunciation, cos she’s american, a fucking good singer and a super coach. After all the singing works, I asked her if she was interested to sing a duet with me, the ballad of the album „In My Mind“ … she did 3 takes and it was just unbelievable the way it went : fast, powerfull and bluesy as hell, just like it was meant to be. When I wrote this song, I could hear BJ’s voice … it was written somewhere.

What´s about this “Belgian Musicians” are’nt these your alltime-bandmembers? Ruggero p.ex. sound Italian too…

So, you have to know that I had thousands of musicians, but this team is certainly the best and the one I feel the most comfortable with. First of all, we are really good friends, we are all italians, we live in La Louviere, … so we speak, we lived, we feel the same language. On bass it’s Fabrizio Giacinto, very old friend and a good musician. On drums it’s Lucas Lepori, the youngest in the band. I saw him playing in a jam session and I knew he could do the job. I taught him how to play rock’n roll so now, he can record the drums for the records (I used to do that). On guitars we have Gregory Chainis and Ruggero Catania. Both very great guitar players, very impressive. They both have studios and they also give lessons, do some studio sessions for other artists, … I think they are the most professional 😊. Ruggero came to live in Belgium like 6 years ago, he used to be the bass player of one of the most iconic reggea bands from Italy, Afrika Unite.

Will you go Touring this summer?

We start to play the new record in may. The first gig is in Luxemburg with Danko Jones. Then after that we will do a few clubs in Belgium and july-august we will kick some belgian summer festivals. If everything will go like we expect we will start the rest of Europe in october, it will depend on the success of the new album through the other countries.

Your favorite Italian musician?

Lucio Battisti … best band Calibro 35

Your favorite Belgian band?

Triggerfinger or La Muerte

3 short wishes for the future :

1.Good health as long as I can

2.Keep on rocking till I die

3.To tell BONO, face to face, that he’s a fucking cunt

Last song on the record- is it inspired by the movie “300”?

Yeah I saw that movie and I thought that my grandpa and thousands of sicilians imigrated to other countries to work in the coal mines, a pretty difficult and hard job. For me going down there it’s like going to the war and my grandpa did both, after the war he went down in the mine. It’s like a fight against an enemy you can’t beat, in this case the capitalism. So I transformed the Spartians in Sicilains … and at the end, they were the same, all these courageous men died not from the swords or any weapons … but from cancers and all the diseases they suffered because of the work they were forced to do.

How does your songwriting-process work? And what inspired you the most?

I write the songs, the lyrics … I do everything. I record all the songs demos by myself and then I send them to the musicians. We go to the rehearsalspace and we rehearse all the songs. Once we are ready, we go straight to the our studio. It always been like that.

My inspiration is every day life in general. I don’t really have problems or issues, I enjoy life and I just want to send love to everybody … it’s really love, sex, parties, women, drugs (not too much), respect the animals … I’m a big fan of horror movies and dark humour, so maybe you can find some references in my lyrics.

Thank you very much for the interview, I enjoyed it and I hope I gave you all the answers you need.

Take care and keep on rocking,

Romano Nervoso

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April 2018

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